Lead Management

Leads are the lifeblood of any business, and Smart Marketing offers a variety of lead generation and management services for business and organizations. We can leverage traditional methods or more modern means such as email opt-ins and social media to secure your business with new leads, and then maintain them for you.

Secure & Maintain

Lead management begins with lead generation.  Whether you choose to do it with old-fashion lead generation boxes left in public places, email opt-in forms, or through Facebook and Twitter we will help you secure the leads you need.  After the leads have been secured, we will transition them into prospects through proper engagement. Lastly, these prospects become sales and customers.

Give Us A Call

We look forward to helping you create and manage your leads.  Don’t forget to ask us about combining our lead management services with Web design and social media.  If you’d like any additional information, you can always give us a call at: (573) 772-4020 or request follow-up here.