Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your Web content so that it can be more easily indexed, ranked, and classified by today’s search engines.  Put simply… Making sure you can be found on Google!

Over the years Search Engine Optimization has seen several evolutions, and you can bet that it will see many more.  It is for that reason that you need a partner in this space who is passionate about the topic and committed to staying out in front of the changes as they happen.  That’s where we come in, but for the purposes of this article I wanted to quickly sum up the three basic forms of SEO from a 10,000 foot level and why you should care about each.

On Page Optimization


On-page optimization is the actual content (text, audio, video, keywords, title tags, coding, etc.) that resides on your page. This is the oldest form of SEO and where the process begins.

A properly optimized page will not only look good to your eye, but also to the “all seeing eye” known as Google.  For instance where you see an image above, Google sees “ALT text.”

The truth is many companies out there sell “full SEO packages,” but they fail to go any further than this step here. We’re different though. The game has changed, and we’ve changed with it as you’ll see.

Off Page Optimization


If on-page optimization is what you have to say about yourself on your own page, off-page optimization would best be described as what others are saying about you away from your page.

This is your social media profiles, back links, citations, directory listings, blogs, service reviews and more. It’s sort of the digital version of a word-of-mouth referral.

Search engines rely heavily on off-page optimization when it comes to ranking your business against your competition because it is the least biased information available about your business.

Page Performance


It’s probably easiest to think of page performance scores as sort of an “On-Page Optimization 2.0.” Google and the other search giants rank you based on how your content is delivered.

A good site doesn’t just look pretty, it also loads quickly and efficiently.  Search engines hate slow loading Web pages just as much as we hate using them ourselves.

Performance goes further than simply your desktop Web browser. Google also wants to make sure we are thinking about mobile users and devices, and your page will rank accordingly.




That’s a brief overview of what SEO looks like in 2016.  The process is sure to see additional changes as it always has.  By reading our blog and working with us, you will be much better prepared and equipped to handle those changes when they come.

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