Christian Luye
Videographer Poplar Bluff, Missouri 573-718-4580

To know Christian Luye, is to know how he spent his childhood living in imagination and acting for home videos. It’s to know that he never stopped using his camera when he was able to buy one at the age of fourteen. Throughout High School and College, Christian would constantly ask instructors to allow him to make videos in place of typical projects. Having just the real world has never been enough for him, and this is what led to adopting the art of storytelling. The very idea of weaving new and interesting stories for others to enjoy is what drives his insatiable passion.

Besides spending years working on personal projects ranging from videography, photography, and screenwriting, Christian has since worked in combining these skills for marketing purposes. He takes pride in knowing that the ideas and opinions of customers should be taken seriously in the process of making exceptional content. By mixing imagination and real world marketing strategies, you can bet that a story of your own can be crafted to peak the interests of all others.