Jace Barnett

“The JaceMan,” Jace Barnett, got his start in Web development in 1995.  As a sophomore in high school, his school awarded him the contract to build the school’s first Web site.  Since then, Jace has built hundreds of sites for churches, non-profits, and small businesses.  He loves to work with customers that like to be dynamic and try to stand out from the pack by trying new techniques.

As a life-long entrepreneur, Jace not only understands the needs of small business but what is involved in developing a healthy Web presence as well as generating prospects, leads, and customers from the Internet.  He has a very diverse skill set ranging from writing to graphic design; programming to photography; search engine optimization to lead generation; among others.  While he is sometimes called a Web developer, he prefers to think of himself as a marketing expert who happens to design Web pages.