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Smart Marketing Team

Passionate Professionals 

Paul Jarrell

Project Manager

Paul started building and developing websites and social media communites in 2009. Since then, he has led the building of over 50 unique websites for clients, and overseen 150 video projects. In additon to web and video, he specializes in social media outreach for customers and using new social media tools to better reach targeted audiences. As a Project Manager he oversees the planning, logistics and deadlines for the entire team. His technical knowledge ensures that all projects are completed in a timely manner.

Nico Cuevas

Creative Director

Nico has amazing creative talents and vast experience in video production, social media, graphic design and website development. In addition, he is also a gifted writer and editor. He has a unique ability to create a buzz on a variety of different platforms. Nico has established himself as top notch creator and has developed relationships with various members of the film, music and video game industries as well as having tweets featured on ESPN Sports Center, NBC News, Yahoo Music and more.

Tyler Christian


Tyler is a gifted marketer who gives great attention to detail to the accounts he oversees. In addition to his fine camera work and graphic design talent, Tyler manages the large inventory of equipment that it takes to make a successful project. He also works as an experienced grip in the field transporting, maintaining and cleaning all of Smart Marketing’s gear.

Philip Neeley


While getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Missouri State University, Philip gained experience in graphic design, advertising and promotion, video production, and campaign development. As a small business owner, he understands the stress that can come with owning and running a business while trying to get your name out there. With creative ideas and the skills to make them happen, Philip has the ability to help you grow your brand!

Ryan Tomlinson

Web Developer

Ryan is a web developer who is passionate about efficiency on the web. From creating a fast, mobile friendly site to boosting your SEO rankings, Ryan will go the extra mile to make your online presence reach more people. In addition to website design, Ryan can write custom code for your website to integrate existing services or create entirely new ones.

Megan Dean

Web Developer

Megan is enthusiastic about creating and maintaining visually engaging websites for our clients. She utilizes her skills in web design and code to bring each client’s unique vision to life. Megan is very detail-oriented, and works hard at keeping our website content up to date.

Cole Christian

Marketing Assistant

Cole aspires to learn more about marketing and to become more engaged in the production efforts of Smart Marketing. Cole assists our creators in every aspect of the creative process, as well as strengthens communication with our clients.